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Hi, I'm Megan Colwell

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I became infatuated with all things beauty at a young age. One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was play with my grandmother’s makeup at her vanity.  I was also very studious; it was always assumed that I would go on to a 4 year university, but after graduating high school in 2006 I decided to pursue a career in Aesthetics and makeup artistry.

After graduating from Palomar Institute of Cosmetology in San Diego in 2007, I began my 10 year career at European Wax Center and moved to Phoenix, AZ.  I naturally excelled in speed waxing, and I enjoy being able to give men and women an instant result, with little pain or time commitment.

Though speed waxing will forever be valuable skill and component of my practice, my passion for enhancing skin health and facial features has never been lost. In 2017, I left my job to open Megan Faces, and am able to incorporate all of my skills and passions in one place.  

I never put down the makeup brushes; I spent 3 years freelancing for MAC Cosmetics, and doing freelance bridal and special occasion makeup. Makeup should be a form of creativity and expression, not a necessity.  The face has so many layers, and the best makeup application begins with optimal skin health.  My fulfillment comes not only from handing a bride a mirror to see her face for her wedding day, but helping my clients understand and achieve their most flawless face possible, with and without makeup.

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